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Product Information

Prestige complies with the strict EU standards

You can trust us to always protect your eyes with our products. All Prestige sunglasses comply with European standard SS EN ISO 12312-1:2013. The sunglasses are categorized after how much visible light they filter out. The table below indicates which conditons the different lens category are suitable for.


Filter category 0 - Dull Filter category 1 - Weak sunlight Filter category 2 - Average sunlight Filter category 3 - Strong sunlight Filter category 4 - Exceptionally strong sunlight (Not suitable for driving)


The frame item number and the lens filter category number are printed along the inside of the bow. This makes it easy to always choose the best fit for your specific needs.

Lens Information

Different type of lenses

Prestige offers eyewear with several types of lenses. Naturally, all lenses block ultraviolet UVA- and UVB-rays. Most of our lenses consist of shatterproof acrylic, but we also use unbreakable polycarbonate for certain special purpose frames. Particularly those used in sports activities. The most common lenses are recommended for use in the following situations:


Yellow, orange and amber lens Gives better contrast in poor light, e.g. dusk, fog and snowfall. Perfect for skiing, bicycling and shooting. These lenses are also suitable for driving in low visibility conditions.


Normal tinted lenses These lenses (known as normal sunglass lenses) considerably reduces sunlight and gives correct colour rendition. Available in grey, green and brown. Suitable for everyday wear.


Polarized lens Absorbs horizontal reflexes and glare from water surfaces, wet roads, and snow. Suitable for driving, skiing or sailing.



01. Maintenance and Cleaning

To be sure that your glasses will maintain their function for a long time, it is important that you store them in appropriate cases when you do not use themIt is also important that you clean the glasses often, especially lenses. Do not touch the lens with your fingers, and always use a dry cloth to clean the lenses. Never use chemicals for cleaning!

For best results, use a dry cloth to clean the lenses. Warm water (not hot) and soap can be used carefully to remove more stubborn dirt on the lenses. Clean them frequently and your glasses will live longer. Never use chemicals!

02. Exchange and Return

We have a
 30 day return policy. In order to return an item please do the following:

  1. Fill in the questionnaire on the packing slip. Enter the reason for the return.
  2. Reset the product and all parts of the original packaging that you put in the box that the goods were delivered in. Tape carefully.
  3. Attach the enclosed return form on the outside of the package.
  4. Submit the package at your nearest post office.

Rest of the world
We have a 14 day return policy. In order to return an item please do the following:

  1. Fill in the questionnaire on the packing slip. Enter the reason for the return.
  2. Reset the product and all parts of the original packaging that you put in the box that the goods were delivered in. Tape carefully.
  3. Attach the enclosed return form on the outside of the package.
  4. Submit the package at your nearest post office. The cost for returning your package is not included in the purchasing price.

It is very important that the merchandise is sent back in the same condition you received it.

It is okey to exchange your purchased item for another, as long as it is in the same price range. Return the product and state the reason for the return in the enclosed package to avoid any extra fees.

Paypal or Klarna

Repayment by PayPal takes place immediately once the goods have been returned to us. For goods purchased with Klarna, the invoice will be canceled as soon as the return is approved.

If your products for some reason should break, you can take them back to the store where you bought them. If you bought them online from us please read "What can I do if I want to return my purchased items" above.

03. Payment and Delivery

Currently Prestige Eyewear can only be purchased within Sweden with these payment methods:

  • - Invoice
  • - Part payment
  • - MasterCard and Visa
  • - Direct Bank withdrawal using BankID

The shipping cost for deliveries in Sweden is 49 SEK. Buy two or more glasses shipping is free of charge!

Yes. Customs will be added according to your country's rules and laws with exception to Sweden and Norway where customs is included.

Products are normally sent the following business day. Deliveries within Sweden normally arrive within 2-5 days. Deliveries outside Sweden can take maximum a week depending on destination.

When we send the goods, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number.

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