About us

Prestige has provided Sweden with sunglasses since 1987 and we are one of the biggest and most well-known sunglasses brands in Scandinavia. Prestige offers a wide selection of sunglasses for girls, boys, women and men - old as young. The brand is strongly associated with both identity and image.

Every year we launch e new collections of sunglasses that follows both the latest as well as the timeless trends that never goes out of style. Prestige represent the latest on sunwear fashion and our sunglasses are often recognized by fashion editors and bloggers. With Prestige there is always a frame for every mood, style, event and person.

“A new look every day”

Where can I buy Prestige?

You can mainly find Prestige in sports stores, department stores, ferry lines and at airports around Scandinavia. Prestige offers except from sunglasses also reading glasses at our retailers.
Just like our sunglasses the reading glasses follows the latest as well as the timeless trends.